AutoCatalog CMS

AutoCatalog CMS (Catalog Management System) is a web-based dedicated site that provides the basis for category catalog publication, product information / media file management, pricing policy, common element management, partner collaboration, statistics, Integrated management is possible.


Catalog management
Web-based integrated management system for catalog configuration and form management

  • Manage catalogs by book type / by door
  • Manage category by booklet (define and manage information structure among category, product group, brand, individual product)


Product Information Management
Integrated management of product information

  • Auto-link with specification, description, image, price, rate information per product code (part number) of product Master based on product code (part number)
  • Support integration with existing operating system data


Design management
Integrated management of information and design elements commonly used in catalogs

  • Brand management: Brand information management (unique number, brand name, brand name, brand logo file)
  • Section management: Section name, Type, Master name, Table style, Order, Book file upload, Delete existing file
  • Style management: character style, paragraph style, font name, font size, font style, tracking, font size, font color, use, system registration
  • Color management: Indigain color swatches


Partner Collaboration
Ability to review and approve requests for download and content registration by partner companies

  • Partners: Download request, content registration request
  • Administrator: View / approve download request list, approve content registration


Digital channel management
Web-based management tools to manage configuration and mapping of eBooks, commerce pages, etc.

  • eBook catalog page configuration definition
  • Integrated management of eBook page-by-page images, mapping locations, mapping objects, and product information
  • Manage commerce pages



Statistical function
Various statistics management function for product information

  • Commodities / products by brand
  • Download by user, date, download count by product / content, etc.
  • Connection date and IP information by ID
  • Provide custom statistical functions for other customer operations