One of the biggest worries in the manufacturing / distribution industry, with at least hundreds and thousands of products, is the thick catalog. In spite of the fact that everything is digitalized and most online shopping malls are operated, the reason why we keep producing costly printing products is because they have business value in the field.

The problem is that to produce these catalogs you have to go on a long-term project, often dozens or even months. It is necessary to organize numerous product information, maintain it according to the catalog contents, and design and edit detailed information of each category, various images, price information of each model, and a lot of manpower and time. And the contents of the edited book should be closely linked to logistics and distribution processes.

No matter how ineffective this series of processes may be, the questions businesses should not miss are:

  • Can you make it more attractive than your competitors?

  • Can the publication cycle be reduced to quarterly or monthly rather than annual to reflect more up-to-date products and competitive pricing information?

  • How can you effectively digitize the catalog readers’ purchasing process?


Multi-Channel Catalog Automation

In order to dramatically reduce the amount of time and labor required for designing and maintaining these online and offline catalogs, it is necessary to simplify publishing process for each channel such as integrated product information management and publishing, eBook, commerce, You need to be able to focus on core business such as merchandising, pricing strategies, customer distribution and marketing.

Multichannel catalog automation is a new strategy for this and offers a variety of core values ​​to enterprise customers:

  • Automatically place the printed page-by-page product information minimizing input and designers completed promptly published a large design project

  • eBook automatically generated pages and by automatically registering links Product commerce labor-intensive operations to remove map

  • By automating commerce product page design and publishing process the Fast Enrollment commerce for bulk goods

  • Centralized and integrated management of product information and layout information enables easy maintenance and maintenance of information for each channel



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