DesignPlug Editor FAQ

Q. What fonts are available?

A. It is only available for commercial use free fonts, and if you have purchased a font for your server, we will install it.

Q.   Is it possible to customize the editor?

A. For the  HTML5 editor, you can modify the design / skin level as you like in DesignPlug manager, and you can add special features or add / change interfaces. The contents (clip art, figure, etc.) used in the editor can also be registered and used by the administrator.

Q.  Where are the edits stored?

A. The  results edited with DesignPlug Editor can be created with various extensions such as PDF, EPS, JPG. The generated file is stored first on the server and the web path of the saved file is transferred.

Q. What  kinds of products can I support?

A.  There are a variety of commercial prints that can be edited with the DesignPlug Editor, such as business cards (portrait / landscape), envelopes (envelopes / small envelopes), flyers, banners, banners, stickers, paper cups and photo books.


DesignPlug   Storefront Print Store FAQ

Q.  Can I link DesignPlug to my shopping mall?

A.  Yes. Available. By registering your sales items in the DesignPlug Manager product category, you can integrate management and register design templates yourself. You can run the DesignPlug Editor through the API in the shopping mall.

Q.  What is the difference between a closed mall and a print mall?

A. Unlike general printing mall, Closed Mall is a dedicated printing mall for a specific user. Many dedicated malls can be built and used mainly as business malls dedicated to corporations.

Q.  What editors can be installed in a closed mall?

A.  By default, the variable editor is the default. The HTML5 editor and the UX editor can be installed according to the selection options.

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