Printing Apps

Printing Apps


Building a printing app

We support to register / sell more than 10 kinds of basic printing products ranging from photo prints to photo books, and we will build a dedicated mobile app to suit your brand image. With SWF preview support, users can minimize the inspection process after self-production and ordering, and provide the manager site which is easy and simple, but the necessary functions, from automatic creation of print PDF, order management and settlement, and marketing management.

Key Features

  • We will build a dedicated mobile app for your brand.

  •  Can be linked with SNS. (Cacao Story, Facebook, Instagram)

Additional products

  •  Photobooks: 6×6, 8×8, 6×8, 5×7, 4×6 inch

  • Photo prints: 3×5, 4×4, 4×6, 4×7, 5×7, 5×9, 8×10 inch

  • Polaroid: 3.5 × 4, 4 × 4.5 inch

  • Other posters, photo frames, photo cards, calendars, mini banners, postcards, phone cases, etc.

main function

  •  SNS interlocking  : Cacao Story, Facebook, Instagram Pictures can be selected

  • Story photo book production  : Photo book that automatically captures photos and text of SNS

  • Support for various products  : 10 basic items such as photo prints and photo books can be provided (additional items can be negotiated separately)

  • Order Confirmation  : Support order tracking and tracking of orders

  • Push message  : Provides push delivery function for effective marketing

  • Paid contents (character) support:  Pororo photo book exclusive license

  • Print PDF creation, E-book SWF creation

Operating environment

Android app (basic), iPhone app (separate consultation)

Case Study

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